Bandile and Mabatho’s Wedding

Day 1

Bandile and Mabatho’s Wedding is our first wedding for this wedding season and we have to say we started it with a bang. The planning was on point and you could see that the bride’s vision was great. 2 weeks prior to the wedding we did the pre wedding shoot which kind of set the tone for what was about to come. 1 thing for sure is that Mabatho (Bride) loves unique photography and it was evident in her choice of location. The unconvetional photos we took were so beautiful. You can find them here.

Groom and Bride Preparations

This was an afternoon wedding and it began with us spending time with Bandile (Groom) and Sakhile (Son) at their home, getting them ready and just capturing the process. It was so easy and lovely working with them though we couldn’t finish soon enough for the son. He just wanted to go have popcorn and watch a movie but corporated throughout the process and the results are amazing.

When we got to the bride at the Clico Hotel, preparations were in progress but we didn’t miss anything at all. The facebeat was coming alright. So we decided to combine capturing the make up process and hairstyling with capturing of the accessories. We loved everything especially the dress and shoes. Mabatho you have great taste. For Bandile and Mabatho’s wedding, we tried to pose the couple as minimum as possible. We didn’t pose the bride at this point either, we let her continue preparing and we documented the process. After the bride finished getting ready, we left for church.

Bandile and Mabatho’s Wedding Ceremony

By his own admission the groom had never see his wife as beautiful as she was on the day. She went beyond her usual beauty. The smile says it all as he is watching her wife walk down the isle. And to make things even sweeter their son is playing the Piano when her mom walks down the aisle

Photo Session

We did our best to take as many pictures as we could as light was fading pretty quickly. Again we tried to stay away from the norm as much as we could while utilising the limited opportunities afforded to us.

We really enjoyed shooting the Bandile and Mabatho’s Wedding day 1. Day 1 of the 2 days ended here.


Day 2

This day began with “Umabo” on a very cold Saturday morning.

Straight after we proceeded to the wedding reception venue, where we spent the rest of the day.

We also took to the streets for the photo session.

This was one of the most powerful entries we have seen. Enjoyed every moment of it.

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