Bandile and Nonjabulo Oakfield Farm Wedding

A day in April 2017 I was shooting a wedding at Oakfield Farm and as I was having a dinner break I check in on Facebook like I always do. Little did I know that I will be introducing another couple to a venue they have never heard of before. Fast forward to August 2018 we are at Bandile and Nonjabulo’s Oakfield Farm Wedding. So Bandile and Nonjabulo are indeed that couple introduced to Oakfield Farm and to top it off they also booked us.

They approached us early and generally thats a sign of a good wedding to follow. Nothing beats proper planning. We had an understanding as to what to expect from the couple as we had done an engagement shoot prior to the wedding from which we also picked up that the bride has a “lazy right eye”. It was a minor challenge that we needed to pay attention to.

12 August 2018 the wedding was finally here. We couldn’t believe how time had flown considering that we finalised the booking over a year ago.  The day began with the bride in relaxed mode and that rubbed off on us. We had ample time as we started slightly earlier than we usually do. It was fun from the onset as we captured the preparations to the sounds of Gqom that was playing in one of the Bridesmaids phone.

The groom and his groomsman on the other hand looked amazing though they claimed that it was their first time wearing suits. They have never owned suits in their lives, but judging by the tie struggles it was evident. We just made them relax and we captured the moments as they were getting ready for the ceremony.

If there’s one instruction we got for this wedding was that we have to capture the bride and bridesmaids in gown. In whatever we did, we kept this in mind, we could sacrifice certain things but not the gowns.

The rest of the day flowed well and we also had a nice time during the photo session. It felt strange also as we were on track in terms of time, which is hardly the case. We are so used to rushing and squeezing the last picture in but we had none of that this time around. In fact it felt like we had too much time and the MC kept adding time instead.

Bandile and Nonjabulo’s Oakfield Farm Wedding was just lit


Bandile and Nonjabulo’s Oakfield Farm Wedding

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