Bandile and Mabatho E-Shoot

Newtown Johannesburg

Bandile Mabatho Engagement Shoot. We woke up one Sunday morning and headed to Newtown in Johannesburg. No prior preparations so we just went straight into it. It was a lovely shoot and Newtown provided us with lovely backdrops. We did this shoot as part of the preparation for their big day. Beautiful people they are.

This shoot really got us excited for the wedding day

So here the car didn’t stop so we still took the pic and It’s lovely how it turned out.

The pole below did look harzadous but I guess we would be fine as long as we stayed away from the wiring.

Mabatho then requested we do the walking shot before finalising the shoot and we obliged.

We closed off with the groom to be when we concluded the Bandile Mabatho Engagement Shoot.


Bandile Mabatho Engagement Shoot

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2 thoughts on “Bandile and Mabatho E-Shoot

  1. it was the BEST weekend ever!!!! Still in SMILES!!! PROUD of Makoti wakithi for such a great job she pulled together!!! ALILILILILI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bandile (Bhuti) ukhethe kahle…Siyakubongela…GOD be with you and the kids through every moment in this LIFE you are sharing.
    Best team yama PHOTOGRAPHER!!! JOB WELL DONE!!!

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