Morris and Refiloe Avanti Wedding

From the onset this was going to be a different wedding which needed a different approach. The day before the wedding I could barely sleep thinking about how to approach it. Then came wedding day and we realised that nothing much really had to change. We just needed to do what we always do and bring out the best in the wedding.

The day began with the groom preparations and on time.The groom was very corporative and made the process so much easier for us. From then we could tell that all is well and that the day will follow the same pattern. The bridal party was quite huge as well and in joyous spirits. The groomsmen sang and created a favourable mood. The major challenge early on was the sun. It was really hot in Zeerust. We knew this and we came prepared with drinks for hydration.

For the most part we were waiting on the bridesmaids as they were concluding their makeup. Once they were done then we took time to go take some few preparations shots of the bridesmaids and the bride. we also popped some champaign to get the day going and it was really fun.

When it came to the photo session we also had to limit our movements because of time but we made the best of the time given and we really love the results. Though we wish we had more time but we cant complain, we encounter time limits regularly and we have learned to adjust and still deliver.

The best indeed saved for last. What a party this reception was. The entrance was just the best we have encountered and you can sense love and emotions all round. We also shared a tear in the process. The rest of the day just brought joy to everyone who was there and fun was had, while we captured every moment of it

Morris and Refiloe’s Avanti Wedding

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