Nathi and Karabo Makiti Wedding

Nathi and Karabo Makiti wedding….. First of all congratulations to the newly weds, Nathi and Karabo Skosana. Leading up to the wedding we sort of anticipated a good wedding. Don’t ask us why but we did and our anticipation was justified. Could it be that we also got married at the same venue or maybe that we share a surname with the newly weds? either way what a beautiful and fun wedding it was.

Back in 2016 the couple requested a quote and then disappeared. With that  in mind we thought that they changed their minds in terms of using us to capture their beautiful memories. Fast forward to beginning of 2018 the bride  contacted us and the rest is history.

One obstacle leading up to the wedding was rain. It rained relentlessly earlier in the week of the wedding. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the rain cleared on wedding day and we had blue skies.

Two things we love the most and this wedding gave us:

  1. Afternoon Wedding
  2. Everything happening within the venue

This makes planning and logistics very easy. Apart from the challenge we had with the groom’s room arrangement, the rest of the day was pretty smooth.

Nathi and Karabo Makiti wedding

Nathi and Karabo Makiti wedding

Nathi and Karabo Makiti wedding

We began this journey with Nathi (the groom) getting ready. Such a nice guy to work with. We both love soccer and cricket and that make thing much easier. Add to that we had already done and engagement shoot prior, so he was pretty relaxed on the day and we did what we do best to showcase how great he looked.

We then shifted our focus to the bride. What a gorgeous bride she was… We had more time than we thought due to a lot of guests arriving slight late and we maximised our time to the fullest. We captured details, portraits and groups. Also incorporated the bride’s mother and a bit of fun shots.

The Pastor kept the service sweet and shot and that allowed us a bit more time for the portrait session.



Then we headed to reception.

We closed the day with a night shoot that came out beautifully.

Nathi and Karabo Makiti wedding

Nathi and Karabo Makiti Wedding

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