Tokologo and Thabang’s Casalinga Wedding

Casalinga Wedding

The whole week leading up to the wedding was raining and threatening to spoil a spectacular event that was to follow. This was certainly going to be challenge number 1. The fact that we hadn’t done a Casalinga Wedding before would be another challenge. We are generally very optimistic and true to our optimism the clouds opened up on the morning of the wedding. We were raring to go.

The day began at Jackal’s creek for the groom prep. We went about our business as the groom and grooms men were being pampered with spectacular haircuts and manicure. It was a fun and relaxed environment. Pity we had to leave because of time constraints. We now needed to switch our focus completely to the bride. At this point the weather is holding up.

The bridal suit was so beautiful with nice features and a beautifully textured wall. ThisĀ is certainly a dream for us or for our style. AtĀ this point bridesmaid are looking flawless with their make up already. That gave us great hope for the bride and indeed the hope was justified.

The Ceremony

It was time for the ceremony. Unfortunately the weather did a 360 degrees turn on us and rain was threatening again. We managed the entry into the garden and it started pouring but there was a Plan B which was the chapel and we were able to restart the process. What a beautiful service filled with emotion, laughter and tears.

Luckily the rain stopped and we were able to proceed with the photo session. The dark light and cloudy skies turned out to be the trump card for the shoot and it was spectacular. Thabang and Tokologo are such a lovely couple with and Inspiring story that surely left a mark in our hearts as we had found during the reception. We closed off the Casalinga Wedding with a beautiful night photo session aided by the beautiful palm trees at the venue.

We would like to express our gratitude for them making us part of their wedding. What a beautiful wedding it was, we wish the couple prosperity in their marriage.

Day 2 – Finsbury

We took to the street on day 2. completely different weather, pretty hot. It began with street festivities supported by a band. The bride was welcomed to her new family and we proceeded to the reception.

After all the speeches we headed to yet another photo session while the crowd were served delicious food.





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  1. These photos are such a great reflection of the day, you captured it so well . Congratulations to the Mputle’s

  2. Wishing you all of the best through your entire life. May the good Lord shower you with abundance of blessings.

  3. wow wow wow……I cannot get over how perfect each photo is. Very beautiful wedding indeed, May God bless your union Mr & Mrs Mputle.

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