Vukani and Gugu’s Wedding

Gugu (The Bride) contacted us around June after coming across our work on social media. She wanted us to capture her wedding in Nelspruit. That was very interesting for us as we have never shot a wedding anywhere in Mpumalanga. We accepted the challenge and we are very glad we did. Though we never got to meet the couple prior to the wedding. That on it’s own was unusual but thats how it turned out . Fast forward to wedding day. Vukani and Gugu’s wedding was beautiful and we are glad they chose us.

Unfortunately due to the service beginning earlier than usual we opted to pay all our attention to the bride in terms of preparations. This took place at the bride’s home and setting was just awesome. There was plenty of space and overall the place was clean which made our life easy.

After all the preparations were done,  we then proceeded to the venue which was 20km away from the home. The moment you enter the venue (Casambo Exclusive Lodge) you get blown away. Beautiful Green trees all round with the Mpumalanga mountain backdrop. It was however pretty hot. The ceremony commenced and for the first time we encountered a Swati speaking preast. It sounded so good. Swati has to rank high as a romantic language. The way words are articulated sounds amazing.

During the photo session we did the best we could with the time we had, but i guess time can never be enough when creative juices are flowing. Such a beautiful short session and we utilised one spot due to time constraints but we are happy with the effort and the results are amazing.

Last but not least we went into the reception which was quite lengthy but enjoyable at the same time. This is were we finally learned about Vukani and Gugu and their love story. It’s a beautiful one indeed and we wish them all the best in their future.

Vukani and Gugu’s Wedding

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